BlackNova Traders, a free massive multi-player Online RPG with forum.
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    There are 7 players online.

    Current Players

    Baruti M. Kamau
    as Jones
    Ship: PRJ Enterprise

    as himself
    Ship: Unknown

    as himself
    Ship: Unknown

    as Spongebob
    Ship: Wolof Express

    as himself
    Ship: Mercenaries

    New Player
    as himself
    Ship: Unknown

    March 23, 2014 - In an effort to build a brand for (FTMC), we are now officially promoting the space combat and trading game, BlackNova Traders. FTMCers can play out their space exploration and conquest fantasies in this thought provocative game. BlackNova Traders is a massively multi-player online role playing game that employ strategy, common sense, wits and patience to emerge victorious. The game is played in a virtual environment that operates 24/7/365. Players choose their role, or combine roles, as a trader, builder, banker or conqueror. Players name their ship, upgrade their ship's technical capabilities, devise a game strategy and explore the universe while simultaneously trading, colonizing and conquering other players' ships and planets. But beware an alliance can be formed against you if you successfully conquer a rival's planet. During empire building, you - conquerors - must insure that your subjugated peoples and planets are well supplied with organics and a tolerable level of prosperity or you will risk REBELLION.

    Here at FTMC, the BlackNova Traders game is administered by Baruti M. Kamau. He will determine when each gaming session begin and how long the session will be played. So pay attention to the front page and forum announcements. The highest score wins. FTMCers can enter a gaming session at any time, but it is more advantageous to start playing as soon as possible. The winner of each game will receive press attention via the Barutiwa News Online Network.

    Photo: To have an image associated with your name, on the front page, you should send an email to and include a link to your Facebook or Instagram photo.

    Welcome Message, Inc. is a development stage company seeking entry into the nascent space tourism industry as a broker between Space Airliners and Space Tourists. We are hoping to become the first American company to book a private trip to Mars as the technology for such an accomplishment become closer to reality. Our existing business plan call for the establishment of productive relationships with new and old companies endeavoring to fly people and cargo into space for commercial and humanitarian gain. We endeavor to insure a steady private interest in space tourism by selling discounted seats on a flight to Near Earth Orbit or Near Earth Asteroid. The space industry has opened up to private citizens and a wealth of unlimited opportunity awaits anyone bold enough to traverse into the final frontier known to mankind - SPACE.

    The domain FLYTOMARS.COM was purchased by the African American writer and entrepreneur, Baruti M. Kamau, in 2003 to demonstrate an interest in Space, the final frontier. The actual incorporation of FLYTOMARS.COM, INC. as a pure dotcom business in 2012 demonstrates Mr. Kamau's seriousness in finding his place in the space tourism industry. "If played properly the new space tourism industry can emerge as a tremendous cash cow for various types of entrepreneurs in the 21st century similar to the dotcom craze in the late 20th century," comments Kamau.

    As this website is not yet ready for commercial transactions we have setup a moderated forum for interested individuals to engage in social networking as it relates to space exploration and space tourism. See relevant links under Departments on the left hand side of this page.

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